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Mental Health Evaluations

SAFE FUTURE provides mental health evaluations for children, adolescents and adults. We provide Psycho-educational testing, psychological testing, and neurodevelopmental testing for children 3-18 for adults 18-85 are conducted by professional counselors (Psychiatrist, PHD, and Master level ) who's mission is to consider the individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral conditions, family history of mental illness and other mental health-related problems. Individual treatment plans are developed to tailor to the needs of the individual. Our Mental Health Program is approximately 6 months of treatment. Individuals move from different levels of care based on the individual needs.


Adult Outpatient Treatment

SAFE FUTURE’s outpatient programming offers several options to meet individual needs, goals, and objectives. Each option/track offers a mixture of individual counseling, group counseling, random drug screens, and family groups/sessions and support.


Discharge planning

Discharge planning is done in partnership with the client and counselor beginning at the time of the client evaluation 13 appointment. The planning could include making referrals and networking with other appropriate community agencies and resources. Referral sources are updated regularly on client progress and discharge planning to ensure a smooth transition. Clients gain valuable information during treatment, and discharge planning helps clients map out how they will use the information to maintain their treatment goals.
Depending on progress in treatment, clients may be discharged for the following reasons:
- The client has successfully accomplished treatment plan goals.
- The client has made as much progress and/or gained as much benefit from treatment as able.
- The client is not able or willing to follow treatment goals or program guidelines.
- The client’s behavior is evaluated to be harmful to him/ herself or to the rest of his/her peer community.

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